Our vision and strategy

Our vision is to be the UK’s top engineering solutions provider.

Engineering tomorrow

Our strategy

Our Engineering Tomorrow strategy is about identifying, developing and implementing innovative solutions to meet the UK’s major infrastructure needs.

Our strategic focus is to enhance our growth and strengthen our market position by providing innovative, sustainable solutions to meet increasingly complex and large-scale national needs. Our strategy will ensure we remain competitive and continue to deliver shareholder value for years to come. 

Our services

Consultancy (advisory, design, programme management)

Complex delivery


Asset optimisation

Clear set of priorities

We are committed to meeting our customers' needs.  As a result, our seven key priorities are:

  • Unique customer focus
  • Skills and experience of the team
  • Technology integration capability
  • Range of innovative services
  • Financial strength
  • Proven track record
  • Reputation, values and responsibility

The sectors in which we work 

How we work

We are committed to operating our business both sustainably and responsibly. We are focused on one simple but powerful message – ‘Costain Cares’. This is not a slogan: it is an attitude of mind. It is integral to everything we do and a touchstone against which we can evaluate and measure our performance. We care about all our stakeholders.

Our values

Everyone at Costain is committed to being:

  • Customer focused
  • Open and honest
  • Safe and environmentally aware
  • Team players
  • Accountable
  • Innovative – improving continuously and therefore the...
  • Natural choice.
Costain values


Investment case

What we do